Hittin’ the dirt in Washington

Hittin’ the dirt in Washington

Amy’s Team-Q Jeep Wrangler took a weekend trip up and down the hills above Lake Chelan in Eastern Washington. (At the time of writing this that area is in major crisis mode due to wildfires…the events that took place here were a few months ago before the fires started.)

Amy and her fellow Jeepers Rich and Guy met up in Wenatchee and headed for the hills. The first night was a stop at the remote campground just above Lake Chelan at Antilon Lake.

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That is a small tent, right? Yeah it felt even smaller when you can hear animals walking around outside it just before dawn….

The next day the group headed deeper into the hills. We took an amazingly scenic detour that had very dramatic elevation changes, all with a view of the giant and majestic Lake Chelan in the distance.

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We landed that night at the South Navarre campground, a lofty 6500 feet in elevation. Beautiful spot high above the lake, where you can see for miles…if you stop shivering long enough! In the heat of July, an entire group of full grown adults were hunkered down in their tents by 8pm because sleeping bags were the only way to stay warm! (There has been a fire ban all summer in Washington, as the fire danger is critically high)

The next day the group parted ways and Amy headed back over to the west side via the North Cascades Highway. If you ever have the chance to travel this road, you will not regret it. It’s only open in the summer and it goes over Washington Pass, where you will see views like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s beyond compare!

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