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Beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade scarf

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This handmade infinity scarf will take an outfit to the next level, on any day. Made of an incredibly lovely light voile cotton that is irresistible to the touch, it feels amazing and the colors are vibrant and happy. The scarf is cut for a comfortable level of scarf puff–you can tamp it down just a bit if you want your scarf to be a bit more mild, or fluff it just a bit to cover unsightly chin blemishes and inappropriate laughter. There’s definitely enough fabric to cover your whole face when you’re walking by someone you don’t want to talk to at the grocery store, which is an added bonus.

I’ve found that this scarf does give a little added warmth as needed, but not warm enough to be suffocating. It’s sure to be the thing you’re wearing that people will comment on because they just can’t help themselves.

Finished size of approximately 9 x 65 inches. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, or hand wash and hang dry, if that’s your thing.