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Handy and beautiful handmade Library Bag.

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Perfect for any sort of excursion, the uses for this bag are endless. I’m fond of feeling as if I’m the most organized person in the world when I remember to take it to the library with me, but it’s also useful for the farmers market on Saturday morning, towels for the beach, paper goods for a picnic and all the things you probably aren’t actually going to need but grab just in case on the way out the door.

Comes with a handy little pocket in the front for the library card and receipt. And random business cards. And all of the other things.

Dimensions: 17w x 9.5h x 7d.
Straps are a comfortably generous 2 inches wide and made to carry over your shoulder easily.
Holds 5 hard cover Harry Potter books with a little room to spare.

This is a dang cute bag and you need it.