The Money

We Can’t Do This Without Your Help!

We are looking for sponsors who can help get us to our first Rallye!! Our sponsorship efforts are driven by two concepts:

Corporate Sponsors – Become one of our corporate sponsors and your brand will be prominently featured on our vehicle/helmets/vests, as well as our U.S. trucks. We will promote your brand via our Facebook page, our website, and in our various media appearances. Check out our Corporate Sponsor page for more details!

Partnership – Any excess donations beyond our basic expenses will be donated directly to The Exodus Road.

What Will It Cost?

(meals, water, mechanical assistance, medical assistance, rally insurance, closing ceremony)

Vehicle Costs……….$1,000
(fuel, logo wrap, insurance)

(travel to and from the Rally, required weekend training session in U.S.)

(helmets, navigation equipment, spare parts, tools, sand ladders & shovel, tow straps)

     TOTAL COST: $13,000


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