The Team

Who Are We?

Both of the Team Quilomene members were raised by fathers who passed along a love of adventure and nature. Naomi spent her childhood hiking the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. She is happiest exploring new paths and breathing fresh air, traits she inherited from her father. Amy grew up in a house in Colorado whose back yard was a nature park, dragging her brother up rock walls and into mysterious caves. Her father was a devoted road-tripper, pledging to get the family to all U.S. states west of the Mississippi (she’s only missing Oklahoma).

Today, Naomi translates her love of outdoor adventure into her life as a stay-at-home Mom, raising and homeschooling 3 amazing girls, ages 12, 11 and 4. She believes in teaching her children not to learn just for school, but for life. She is committed to feeding her family a fresh whole foods menu, and is always engaged in a DIY project – sewing, writing, or making something. Amy spends her days working as a Marketer in downtown Seattle. Her kids are a little older – a 23 year old stepdaughter just embarking on a nursing career and a 19 year old son serving our country as a Marines Reservist. She works hard to maintain a deep, meaningful connection with her kids, watching them blossom into healthy productive adults.

Both women are committed to fit and healthy lifestyles. Naomi and her husband and children do weight training, running, and biking together, while Amy is a devoted yoga practitioner and bike rider.

Amy is a founding member of Northwest Overland, a vibrant community of people who love environmentally responsible overland travel. Naomi and her husband Garrett have been longtime members of Northwest Overland, and it was through this group that the two women first met.

What is “Quilomene”?

Quilomene is the name of a wildlife refuge area in Central Washington State. It is located in the rolling hills above the town of Ellensburg, accessible by 4×4 roads only. It stretches over 11,000 acres along the western shore of the majestic Columbia River, home to dozens of species of birds, reptiles, elk, deer, bears, cougars, and coyotes. It is a beautiful, pristine area with sweeping views, frequented by overland vehicles out to explore moderately challenging roads in the summer and hunters in the fall and winter. Naomi and Amy first met on a Northwest Overland camping trip in the Quilomene, and decided to name their team after a place that perfectly represents outdoor adventure for both of them.

Quilomene Wildlife Refuge
Quilomene Wildlife Refuge

Why Are We Doing This Rally?

When Naomi and Amy met in the Quilomene, they found common ground in being women who truly loved the overlanding lifestyle, and they started talking then about organizing women-only trips to encourage more women to experience the freedom of understanding the vehicle you are depending on and taking it to places that are off the beaten path. Although Naomi has since moved out of Washington state, once she became aware of the rally, she immediately decided to jump in, and called Amy up first thing.

With two kids in college, Amy is facing the dreaded “empty nest syndrome”. She is at a crossroads in life, and has been actively pursuing a way to reach beyond mundane everyday life and do something she truly loves. Overlanding has fostered her passion for new challenges, and when Naomi asked her to be her teammate, it was like the call she had been waiting for.

In 2016, their dreams were realized when they participated in the first ever Rebelle Rally. It was a life-changing experience and they cannot wait to get back there for the second Rally…this time proudly wearing their “Original Rebelles” gear!

Our Mission

“We want to undertake this exciting adventure to teach ourselves, our friends and family, and most of all our children, that doing what you love is a profoundly rewarding human experience achievable by determination and perseverance.”

The Exodus Road

Team Quilomene is rallying to support The Exodus Road, an American company dedicated to ending underage sex trafficking around the world. There is an estimated 27 million children enduring sex slavery in the world today. While there are many organizations fighting this battle worldwide, The Exodus Road is unique in the effective way they operate. They form coalitions with local field agents and law enforcement in the areas in which they work, providing technical assistance such as surveillance equipment and mobile phones, as well as functional support with investigations and evidence-gathering. They are at the forefront of actual rescue efforts that result in arrest and prosecution of those responsible for enslaving children. The Exodus Road “brings donors to the front lines”, providing information about the literal rescue teams that donors can choose to help. They make it easy to make a real difference.

“We are doing this rally for ourselves and our families, but we were absolutely determined to use the opportunity of the wide exposure provided by the media attention on the rally to bring help to someone in need. We are totally committed to doing all we can to help The Exodus Road because we believe they make a difference.”

Any excess funds raised by Team Quilomene will be donated directly to The Exodus Road.