The Rally

The Rebelle Rally is a women only vehicle rally through the desert of Nevada. A “little sister” to the famous Rallye Aicha des Gazelles held in Morocco for over 25 years, 2017 is the second year of this exciting event.

The Rally brings together 60 teams of 2 women each, driving 4×4 or Crossover vehicles through multiple days and multiple checkpoints in the vast, empty desert of western Nevada. It combines a love of driving with the challenge of manual navigation – maps and compasses only. No GPS or electronic devices are allowed.

The Rough…

  • Driving and navigating over 2,000 kilometers in 7 days.
  • No GPS, cell phones, binoculars. This is old school!
  • Competition based on the elements of time, distance, headings, and hidden checkpoints.
  • Dirt, dirt, and more dirt – covering legal dirt roads, double tracks, trails, and sand dunes.
  • Fuel management – only one fueling per day.

The Refined…

  • Basecamp camping – traveling support village complete with showers, medical staff, mechanics, event staff, and officials.
  • Basecamp dining – Michelin Star & celebrity chef Drew Deckman.
  • Closing Black Tie Gala – celebrate in grand style at the historic Del Mar, California Racetrack’s Paddock Green.

The Rally begins on October 12, 2017!